AmSteel @ Bay Area MakerFaire!

mfrobotlogoAmerican Steel Studios will exhibit interactive displays that represent the diversity and creativity of our massive Maker Space!

Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17, 10am – 6pm (PDT)

San Mateo County Event Center
1346 Saratoga Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403
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MTWASqp_KEmzlPRTPiQIb6hML56ujw5KEawXX2xmLrA1. Karen Cusolito will exhibit one of her large scale “Tumble Leaf” sculptures that is a fun place for people to climb into and have a cozy seat. This unique environment lets guests feel as small as an ant as they sit inside the leaf and observe the world and activity around them.



between_dimensions_12. Between Dimensions, 2014 From ferns and trees to riverbeds and spiraling galaxies, fractals -patterns repeated at every scale- are woven into the fabric of our world. Create unique and beautiful fractals with Between Dimensions. Based on the experiments of James Crutchfield, this interactive fractal generator allows you to interact with this amazing building block for the universe firsthand. Original concept by Nathan Kandus, collaboratively realized with David Wright, Luke Wilson, Joel Thompson, and The Envelope Engineers.


mod_cot_vert_garden_detail_l3. Groundation Foundation Living Wall design, fabrication and installation. This project is a volunteer-based production that includes a variety of opportunities for people to learn new skills such as design and engineering, welding, propagating plants, installing solar energy systems, along with marketing and promotion. This living wall is the first in a series that will occupy the entire two-city block façade of the American Steel Studios building in Oakland, CA.


11116808_441777625988283_1039558565_n4. Artist Arlene Elizabeth fuses the revered and ancient arts of origami and mosaic into iconic works addressing issues of the heart. From the trials of modern Tibet and September 11th, to the simple joys of childhood and Julia Child’s cooking, her eclectic subjects become vibrant tapestries composed of thousands of painstakingly folded peace cranes. Maker interactive activity: Learn to fold winged hearts and peace cranes with Arlene; paper and inspiration provided!


14093950886_007704ca37_b5. Michael Kearney‘s Rubens’ Organ, is a bank of Rubens’ tubes of varying lengths with an audio crossover breaking the signal into different pieces for each tube. This allows for a very dynamic view as each tube is specifically sent sound in the frequencies that it can best resonate to.