Dan Seneres AKA Splob

If you’ve ever wondered about the pink tiger being pedaled around American Steel but weren’t able to catch up with it, read our interview with it’s operator and creator, Dan Seneres. His mixed-media art and illustrations create fantastical landscapes, give plants a thrill, poke at the status quo or just give folks something to smile and think about. Upper West Trunk

A.S. : What do you do?
D. S. :  By day I create art for films in the entertainment industry, from producing story boards to production and set design, I have created miniatures for films and I create special effects. Sometimes I AM the entire art department! I also create comic books, produce multi-media art ranging from interactive sculpture, two-dimensional work and bicycles to articulated tails for humans!

A.S.: Why do you do what you do?
D. S. : As an illustrator, designer, and mixed media artist I work in two and three dimensions using a wide variety of mediums and techniques. Art is also my form of meditation, and the art I make for myself is for expression, experimentation, and pure pleasure. My work is whimsical and my subjects come from the world of my imagination. I enjoy bringing to life concepts and images I envision in my minds eye.  As opposed to interpreting objective reality; the world of my imagination is more interesting to me. My work also frequently explores themes involving the conflict between nature and technology. In the end, nature is always the victor.

When he learned of the Living Wall being built on the façade of American Steel Studios, Dan built a Ferris Wheel that seats eight potted plants. His rationale was that the plants on the wall might get bored and need some recreation.

A.S. : What brought you to AmSteel?
Splob : I was born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay; I’ve lived in Oakland for over 20 years. A few years ago, I got a job for a commercial where I had to make a roll of tape that could be operated by remote control, starting and stopping on a dime, this required finding a studio space of my own, so I came and knocked on the door at AmSteel. I had a short time frame to work in, and I had shot a film here at AmSteel in 2009, so I knew the facility would be a good match for me.

A.S. : Whats your favorite part of being here?
Splob : I feel free to spill paint on the floor. It’s affordable, I have privacy.

Splob is often holed-up in his studio for weeks at a time, exiting upon his Pink Tiger Bike to go home late at night, or take a spin through the building. When he finally emerges, it’s obvious he’s been pouring buckets of energy into new creations.

A.S. : What do you contribute to the Amsteel Community and to West Oakland?
Splob : Hijinks…  I helped organize American Steel Studios’ Art + Industry Exhibit in May, I contribute my art to public events and showcases including the recent Sustainable Business Alliance Mixer. DanSeneres

Though Splob can be modest his art makes people happy, adding color and joy to this place, participating in community gatherings and riding around on the coolest bicycle in the world. His multi-media exhibit at the 2012 Art + Industry Exhibit was spectacular and we are looking forward to the next show!

A. S. : How can people get involved with you?
Splob : Dinner-movie-flowers…I’m easy. But seriously, I will be starting to work with an intern, teaching my craft and helping inspire the youth of the neighborhood. I am also available for commissions, general art needs, and all around fabrication. Thank you Splob!!!