Department of Spontaneous Combustion Awarded Burning Man Grant

We are pleased and proud to announce that our beloved tenants in Bay 4, The Department of Spontaneous Combustion, have been awarded a Burning Man Grant to build Mens Amplio.
mensamplio_clr_595Mens Amplio will be a 15 foot tall model of a human head and brain, designed by Don Cain and built by a team of artists from a wide range of disciplines. The brain will incorporate an array of light and flame effects controlled by a participant through the use of an EEG headset.

The headset will translate the participant’s shifting mental and emotional state into patterns of light and fire mimicking the images of clinical brain scans in real time.

The MA crew will bring together expertise in brain imaging and neural interfaces, LED and flame effects, and metal fabrication to create a sculpture that bridges the worlds of art and science.

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