It’s August… art cars are popping up!

marissaThe annual Burning Man event inspires a tremendous amount of art and innovation each year. In addition to visual and performance art, it brings about a great number of beautiful and functional artistic creations in the form of “art cars,” designed to transport people around the vast event. Here are some of the cars being made at American Steel:

Marissa’s Dream Car!

“Marissa Shaw is an inspiring woman, living with Cerebral Palsy. Despite her disability, she bravely attended Burning Man last year and had an AMAZING adventure.

She can’t wait to return to the event this August. In her every day life, Marissa is autonomous and independent in her motorized wheelchair. The harsh conditions of the desert would have destroyed her motorized ride, so, last year she brought her manual chair to Burning Man. Her personal transportation was completely at the mercy of others. Marissa is a gracious and appreciative soul, and never complained.”

Enter… the Art Mobility car! 

Coordinated by Jason Anderholm, of Chester the Horse fame, this car allows Marrisa independence on the playa and a really fun ride!  With community support, this car is being built and customized for Marissa’s next Burning Man adventure.

Want to get involved? Contact the team for more info!


The Vulvatron! VULVATRON

The Vulvatron is an interactive, immersive environment open to all participants of Burning Man that celebrates the female experience in us all. 

Through an immersive multi-media and multi-sensory experience, the Vulvatron will challenge participants to question the feminine identity and will be an advocate for feminist issues.

Captivating audiences with a feminine mystique, its anatomical design pays tribute to the vulva which has been politicized, stigmatized, and ostracized.

The Vulvatron, with its strong steel curves and soft inviting cushions, is a temple to the goddess and a community connection space. Its compelling visual and interactive concepts enable a dynamic exchange of experiences between all Burning Man participants. The sculpture responds, embraces, and transforms all who choose to interact.”

Want to get involved? Visit their website for more information and work schedule.





gypsyThe Gypsy Caravan!

“From Gypsies to gold diggers and even the all-American cowboy, the caravan (or gypsy wagon) is the symbol and the true incarnation of the nomadic people. By building this and bringing it to the Playa we hope to inspire others to keep exploring beyond their limits during and after Burning Man. 

The chuck wagon concept provides for an enclosed area to protect from the harsh environment, give shelter to the elements, and carry supplies. It also encourages a meeting place where travelers exchange thoughts, ideas, stories, and wisdom. We also decided to expand and improve on the design by adding an open space in the front to allow travelers to see what lies ahead. Hence, our original concept evolved into a hybrid way of transportation.”

AmSteel’s Jorge Gimenez was the chief fabricator and the beautiful and extensive CNC was done by AmSteel’s Lou Brocksen of School Street Technologies.







And Lastly… The Squid Car by Ulan McKnight!