Ringing in The Year of the Horse at AmSteel

Chester, by Jason Anderholm. Photo Credit : Jake Wood

Chester, by Jason Anderholm. Photo Credit : Jake Wood

At AmSteel we are very proud to have our very own Horse, a.k.a. Jason Anderholm, and his fire breathing horse art car, Chester.

One of the many military vets that make up the vast and diverse AmSteel community, Horse considers himself to be an idea man. At AmSteel, he has finally found a way to manifest his ideas through collaboration. He says he found here the people with the creativity and talent to bring his ideas to life.

He openly talks about the inspiration from the building and its tenants, and describes the founder, Karen Cusolito, as a person he “likes, admires, respects, and who I want to be like when I grow up.”

We asked Jason what his advice would be to anyone interested in learning from The Horse. He warns “Living the way of The Horse hasn’t always served me well. I would say the most important thing you can learn from The Horse is to respond as opposed to react and to give your love to the right people.”

When asked what he thought about having an entire year dedicated to him, he said “This is going to be my biggest year yet!”

Get in touch with Jason if you want to invite Chester to your “Year of the Horse” celebration! Chester is a great attraction for kids’ events, and has tremendous appeal for adult gatherings as well.

This is truly the year of the horse!