Andrew Johnstone, Big Picture Arts/Tides Center

phone : 510.823.7320
email :
website :
locale : 1901 Poplar Street, Poplar Studios Oakland CA 94607
projects : murals + trompe l’oiel l walls + furniture l graining + marbling l stone + metal l lascaux cave project

Murals + Trompe L’oiel

Andrew Johnstone is a British artist now living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He is muralist and specialist in the decorative arts of  graining, marbling, and glazing.

His talent has been shaped by a classical European education in the arts, the privilege of being the protege of the finest master of the decorative arts in the world (William Holgate) and the subsequent bending of ALL the rules as a Burningman artist.    The art style he is developing evolves with every project, and pushing the envelope of perspective  and texture forces him to write the book as he goes.

“Being a muralist,” he says “every wall is a canvas and every building a gallery”

“The idea is that art can be something that one can live in, rather than just look  at.  It becomes a backdrop , part of our environment. This is not a new idea … but it can be.”

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