Ardent Heavy Industries

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locale : 1960 Mandela Parkway, Bay 8, Oakland CA 94607

engineering solutions for problems that don’t exist

Ardent Heavy Industries is a Bay Area industrial arts collective merging aesthetics and engineering. We have been installing large-scale interactive art worldwide since 2004. Our work is a collaboration of artists, engineers, programmers, designers, scientists, and fabricators. We build beautiful things with light, sound, fire, metal, and code. We‘re particularly interested in bringing fire and people as close together as safely possible and in pushing the frontiers of interactive light art. Our members include experts at flame effects and fire plumbing, electronics and software control systems including innovative LED controllers, and metal fabrication. We value non-hierarchical artistic collaboration and teaching. We work out of American Steel Studios, a wonderful community of artists in West Oakland. Our best-known works are Dance Dance Immolation (in the Guinness World Records as “World’s Hottest Videogame”), Syzygryd (a 2.5 ton collaborative musical instrument that breathes fire), 2πr (a blisteringly interactive large-scale fire toy), and the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform (a glowing pixelated cloud that will rain on your parade).

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