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locale : 1960 Mandela Parkway bay 7. Oakland CA 94607
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combining art, design, + architecture 

From the enterprising designs of Kevin Vincent Carter, Artifact takes his inborn sensibilities as both artist and architectural training to create dramatic pieces customized for practical use and aesthetic appreciation for all indoor and outdoor dwellings. His company and studio are located in West Oakland in the American Steel Studios.

Artifact was founded out of the desire to fashion pieces whose duality both serve a purpose in our daily lives and are born out of his organic artistic expression. Kevin finds his work in conversation between these two residing elements: the part of him that is driven to build for the sake of functionality and growth, and the part of him that is moved by art for the sake of art. By foraging a channel between the nature and structure of his work, Artifact has become the balance between these two mediums. Through his artistic practices, pieces can either begin as a draft with a plan, or they come by way of found objects that then lead the way. In collaboration with his background in design, affinity to create, and fearlessness to build, each piece takes on a life of their own. Whether a bench, shelf, chandelier, or railing, it is during the creating process that Kevin finds the most joy in his work.

Artifact pieces are typically works by commission and can be customized with any existing concepts/ designs or fashioned from something completely new to suit the needs and desires of the client. Artifact pieces are made by mixing materials, such as metal, wood, fabric, glass and steel in unique and creative ways. If you are interested in learning more about Artifact and Kevin’s work, please feel free to contact him for a consultation.

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