Benjamin Arms

1901 Poplar Street, Poplar Studios

custom fencing swords

Benjamin Arms was founded in October of 2009 with the desire to provide classical fencers with quality equipment.

Following a long tradition of classical fencing equipment suppliers, Benjamin Arms is pleased to present a full catalogue of diverse high quality fencing equipment. Benjamin Arms has not only resurrected many weapon styles and designs, but has also replicated proper weapon handling through martial study and manufacturing innovation. It is the goal of Benjamin Arms to expediently deliver quality classical fencing products at a low cost.

We decided the best way to get the highest quality parts in steel, leather, wood or cloth was to find the people best at it. Because we found the best of the best locally the cost stays low, the quality high, and the efficiency faithful.

We really mean local when we say it. From our business office it’s a half mile walk to our tailors and machinists. We import no materials from abroad. Every element of the weapons and parts we design (with the exception of our tropical hardwood grips which can’t be locally grown, though purchased through a local retailer) is American made. We are committed to supporting local businesses, the local economy, and the American economy and in doing so produce the highest quality fencing products available.