Bill Rogers

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locale : 1960 Mandela Parkway bay 5. Oakland CA 94607
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metal spiral art sculptures – 

Objects forgotten until found,
lured into beauty
by their own mundane decay.

My welded steel work is a kind of three-dimensional line drawing, rendering organic forms and abstractions in metal.

Other sheet-steel and copper pieces use geometric shorthand to create three-dimensional objects, the way two pieces of leather wrap around a sphere to make a baseball,
or hexagons ring around a pentagon to make a soccer ball.

Many of these shapes can be found in the natural world, such as the carbon-nanotube molecules nicknamed “buckyballs” for their soccer-ball geometry.

The simplicity of nature shapes my work the way a river carves into granite. Highways cut through time inside a mountain. Metal gets cast off, fractured and patinaed by the roadway.

It was on a cross-country road trip that I discovered the pods of the Kentucky Coffee Tree, crunching over the curvy husks in most every state I crossed.
The fragile pods traced my path, and I embraced their shape.

The Manhattan Project found me a few years ago when I lived in an adobe casita north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I could see Los Alamos at night,
25 miles across the Rio Grande valley. Clumps of lights marked the city that rose in secret atop the Pajarito plateau in 1943.

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