Built from Salvage

website : builtfromsalvage.com
locale : 1901 Poplar Street, Poplar Studios. Oakland CA 94607

sustainable furnishings and design for commercial and residential

We build customs furnishings with an emphasis on using salvaged, reclaimed, and ecologically engineered materials.  Our designs reflect a fusion of skilled craftsmanship  and sustainability, combined with the intention to gracefully transform space.

We are committed to build sustainably and are passionate about our often labor- intensive practice.  It is our mission to work diligently to deliver hi-end furnishings built to last with close attention to every detail.

We love to assist our clients with creative solutions: whether transforming a unique room with efficiency or designing a custom piece to fit a specific space. We provide original and practical ideas to customers that desire quality, enduring craftsmanship, and sustainable design.  Bring us your ideas; we would love to explore design possibilities for your project.

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