Chester on Fire

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locale : 1960 Mandela Parkway bay 5. Oakland CA 94607

mutant vehicle art car –

“Chester” the fire breathing horse art car was built in the heart of the industrial art scene, West Oakland. He was designed and built by Jason Anderholm with the help and expertise of a small group of local artists. Chester the art car was first built for Burning Man, 2011. Today, Chester lives at the “UnStable” located at American Steel Studios. Although Chester’s appearance was perfect after his first build, he is constantly undergoing improvements and upgrades to maximize his functionality and performance aspects. He is frequently traveling to many large and small local events in Northern California including Maker Faire, Fire and Steel, First Friday Art Murmur, and the Mad Hatter’s Parade. Chester is available for hire and Jason is available for custom art car commissions.

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