Dan Seneres

email : splob1@gmail.com
locale : 1901 Poplar Street, Poplar Studios #2. Oakland CA 94607
connect : twitter l imdb l youtube

Multi-Media Art Specializing in the Entertainment Industry 

I am a San Francisco native residing in the East Bay and have been making my living as a professional artist in the entertainment industry since 1995.

As an illustrator, designer, and mixed media artist I work in two and three dimensions and use a wide variety of mediums and techniques. Art is also my form of meditation, and the art I make for myself is for expression, experimentation, and pure pleasure.  My work is whimsical and my subject come from the world of my imagination.  I enjoy bringing to life concepts and images I envision in my minds eye.  As opposed to interpreting objective reality; the world of my imagination is more interesting to me.

My work also frequently explores themes involving the conflict between nature and technology. In the end, nature is always the victor.

My work can be seen in various places on the web as well as video games, film, and the Burning Man Festival. I create art for films in the entertainment industry, from story boarding to production and set design, I have created miniatures for films and I create special effects, sometimes I AM the art department! I create comic books, do multi-media art ranging from interactive sculpture to art bicycles to articulated tails for humans!

I am available for commissions, general art needs, and all around fabrication.

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