Department of Spontaneous Combustion

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locale : 1960 Mandela Parkway bay 4. Oakland CA 94607

fire art, mobile art and large scale sculptures –

Department of Spontaneous Combustion offers a shared workspace where individuals create their own art, skills are shared and collaboration is encouraged. The DSC includes a full metalworking shop , electronics lab, and ceramics. We are currently reaching out for new members and people interested in utilizing the shop on a drop-in basis! We offer a variety of storage space rentals and a place for workshop hosting. A good place to get started is our OPEN SHOP every Tuesday evening, 7-10pm. It’s a good time to get your hands dirty, aquire new skills, and network within the community.

General Information

The fee schedule:

$10 day fee for the use of the shop, tools, and equipment.

$100 a month membership fee for 24 hour access to the shop. You also get a locker for storing personal gear.

$100 a month for a 9’x3’6″ pallet shelf, or $60 a month for half a shelf, for storing personal projects and materials.

The day and membership fees cover the cost of consumables (gas, wire, grinding wheels, etc.) and equipment upkeep. Membership and storage fees cover our rent.