Fortune Sitole

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locale : 1901 Poplar Street, Poplar Studios Oakland CA 94607

mixed media painting –

My name is Fortune Sitole I have painted since I was twelve years old. As early as the age of five, I made sculptures out of clay and cars out of wire without any idea I was making art. I am a self taught artist, with experience in mixed materials of clay, wire, and paintings on ostrich eggs, wood and canvas. My current pieces assemble mixed media to create townships of South Africa, showing every day life – playing ball, jumping rope, walking to school, washing, music and dancing. I use wood, sand, aluminum, oil and acrylic paint, sticks, bottle caps and other objects. I use all recycled materials and my work has been categorized as Folk Art, Raw Art, Township Art and Green Art. Townships in South Africa are slowly disappearing and my work documents their history. I primarily sell my work at art festivals around the country including cities in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Florida, New York and Massachusetts. People from all over the world collect my art.

I recently relocated from Venice, CA to a studio in West Oakland, CA.