Kitty Gordon

website :
locale : 1960 Mandela Parkway Bay 3. Oakland CA 94607

mixed media sculptureĀ 

After working many years as an accountant, Kitty Gordon left the business world to study art. In 2003, she received her fine arts degree in sculpture from California College of the Arts. Since then Kitty has been exploring different ways in which to create unique sculptural forms. In her studio in West Oakland she experiments with new ideas and art processes using found objects and recycled materials. While she possesses an interest in the principles of reuse, her main attraction to these materials is the challenge of creating with limited resources. Rarely knowing what the final outcome of her explorations will be, she derives joy in being pleasantly surprised by the results. Kitty is also an accomplished stone sculptor spending most summers carving marble among the aspens in Colorado. Her work has been displayed in gallery exhibitions in the Bay Area as well as part of outdoor sculpture walks and other temporary site-specific installations throughout the United States and Canada.

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