Nathan Kandus


1960 Mandela Parkway, Bay 8

I explore the intersections of science and art through sculptural practice. These explorations are rooted in physics and mathematics. So often scientific concepts linger as ephemeral and intangible, or simply remain as numbers and calculations. By making these abstract ideas into tangible physical objects, I allow these concepts to be visualized, understood, and appreciated.

To the scientist I show the beauty of their work. Things that have only lived in numbers no paper come to life in the most physical of ways.

To the artist I show the rules of the natural world. These rules are all around us and govern everything we do in art, from the mixing of a pigment to the manufacture and installation of a sculpture. Even though the artist encounters these phenomena every day, the concepts have been so showed in math they seem separated from the artist’s reality. My work shows these rules intimately apply to the artist, and are in fact the fundamental beauty of all artwork.

I bring an understanding of art and science by offering new and exciting modalities for experiencing this information. I aim to integrate a sense of play as well as inspire curiosity and inquiry, allowing the viewer to see the beautiful and unique qualities that are ever present in our natural world.

Nathan Kandus was born in Santa Barbara in 1988. He completed his BA at UCSC in 2010 with a degree in Art, and minors in Physics and Astrophysics, where he continued collaboration with the Art and Physics departments after graduation. He now lives in Oakland, California and continues to explore the intersection of art and science.