Nye’ Lyn Tho

email : info@nyelyntho.com
website : www.nyelyntho.com

I’m typically exploring several areas of design. I rarely shy away from an area of design simply because I have never done it before. We can do anything we put our mind to…especially in this age where information is readily available to us. If you have an idea, let’s discuss it!!! With that said, below are the main areas of design that I specialize in.

Most of the computer based design I provide includes: logos, brochures, programs, business cards, flyers, posters, book jackets, packaging, and so much more. I am not a web developer. I typically work within WordPress and utilize my design skills with full on customization.

I love taking photos! It’s a beautiful break away from my desk and a nice opportunity to connect with people, places, and things. I photograph weddings, events, business portraits, products and have professional experience with them all.

A brand is not just a logo. It’s the entire personality of your company and or project. I take you through a process of a questionnaire, research, and concept development in order to unearth the identity of your business in order to find your color palette, typefaces, finishes, and more.