Raymond Haywood

email: Olio3702@gmail.com
1901 Poplar Street, Poplar Studios

mixed media painting, silkscreen, and collage

“My paintings and prints represent various experiments. I mix found imagery with my ink illustrations by utilizing traditional print making techniques. Accidental found or appropriated images distilled through my creative process provide content for my mixed media works.

The finished mixed media paintings, silkscreen prints and the collages are the byproducts of my layered voice in communicating my emotional states of mind.

My newest works for 2014 are exploring the content and meanings of “Grief, Atonement Forgiveness, Beauty and Pain”. These elements are vital to my creative process and artistic output.

I am an explorer/treasure hunter, gathering the detritus of cultures extant and present, mixing them in a gumbo of aesthetics and mood, spirit healing and heart chakras to glean the inner workings of myself as well as hopefully provide a mirror for my audience and a moment in time to reflect.”