Vermeulen & Co.


fashion design

Vermeulen & Co. produces limited edition women’s wear fit for today’s woman. We are proud to manufacture all garments locally, using high-quality materials in classic styles that give you a polished casual elegance.

At Vermeulen & Co., we are women who share your lifestyle, your “real” figure and your values. We create a polished look that wears with comfort, ease and elegance.

Our collections are born from our commitment to Slow Fashion. It’s all about choosing quality over quantity. It’s about valuing yourself, others and our planet in the choices you make. It’s about slowing down enough from your life in motion to savor the present.

We produce beautiful garments, made of sumptuous materials and crafted using ethical production practices. We strive as fully as possible to select fabrics that are organic and sustainably produced, creating fashion with a conscience that reflects our values and yours.

If you seek clothing that gives you comfortable, polished elegance…fashion made for your figure…garments produced with conscience…you want Vermeulen.