Yzzo Studios

email: wes@yzzostudios.com
phone: 415-309-7487
website: www.yzzostudios.com
locale: 1960 Mandela Parkway

Yzzo Studios is a metal fabrication company specializing in functional metal art. Our pieces reflect a desire to inject a dose of practicality into metal artwork. Not only do our pieces beautify our customers’ homes, they provide a place to eat, sit, work, or store things.

Our pieces are custom, built specifically for each client’s unique needs and style. We’ve built items such as furniture, railings, architectural installations, decorative security, custom storage units, and sculpture. Our specialty is steel, but we also love to create interesting wood/metal combinations, and can accommodate many other materials. Our location inside the amazing American Steel Studios affords us the ability to work with other artists and professionals, broadening our abilities to include lighting, unique materials, and specialized fabrication techniques into our pieces. We don’t limit our scope to just what we know – we especially love new and interesting projects that we’ve never seen before!

YS may be a small company but we provide full service, including: consultation, design, fabrication, finishing, and custom patina. We can also provide or facilitate delivery and installation. For more complex projects, we can work with your architect, designer, or contractor to provide a piece that fits your décor and integrates into your home.

Wes Skinner
Owner / Metalworker