UC Berkeley Students Envision a More Dynamic and Sustainable West Oakland Landscape

Ten students visited American Steel Studios last fall to learn about the diverse and creative population within and to familiarize themselves with the history and environment of the neighborhood.

The mission:  to design a sculpture park that explores the intersection of art and technology while meeting the following criteria:
– New entry court for the American Steel Studios north doors,
– A sculpture park to exhibit the work created in American Steel Studios,
– A “promendaud” circuit for mobile art,
– Educational components including alternative forms of energy.
The designs that came to life were impressively forward-thinking – sensitive to environmental sustainability while at the same time celebrating the historic industrial heritage of West Oakland.
American Steel Studios is honored to have been the canvas for such an extraordinary and inspiring body of work! Thank you, Professor Sullivan for considering our creative canvas your own!

Take a moment and indulge yourself in the inspiration, innovation and vision these students bring forth with their own iterations of an inspired West Oakland Landscape.

Check out the image gallery!

Click this image to view a gallery of these students’ inspired work!

Alex Gebele, Untitled
Ana Tenorio, Untitled
Cedric Jones, Free 4all
Corina Velazco, Untitled
Justin Panganiban, Untitled
Kyra Baldwin, Rails and Water
Leega Tran, Untitled
Marisol Sanchez, The Reckless
Yolanta Siu, Untitled
Patricia Camacho, Steampunk Sculpture Park & Garden Poster