Ethiopian Vegan Cooking Class 9.28.13

diste and spices

diste and spices

Brundo Flavors of Ethiopia Culinary Studio
Preserving Ethiopian Culinary Art

date : September 28, 2013
time : 11am – 2pm
locale : 1960 Mandela Parkway, West Oakland, CA
more info :

Cooking class includes after class sit-down meal + honey wine.

The instructors will guide the class through the basics of balancing and harmonizing flavors. The participants will actively engage in tasting, getting to know the different primary flavors and their sources, and learning how the ingredients interact with one another. By tasting dishes in different stages of preparation, you will get a sense of how individual ingredients can be selectively utilized and combined in creative ways.


Featured Instructor:
Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Abey has been blending spices and preparing traditional Ethiopian food using her family recipes that have been passed on from mother to daughter, a tradition that has been carried on for thousands of years in the Ethiopian culture. Her love for Ethiopian food, and specifically her love of preparing spices like cardamom and black cumin, has been her motivation to teach and instruct this classes.
It is our pleasure to teach and share with you the techniques that has been passed down for generations using the Ethiopian Pepper & Spice book written by Cafe Colucci|Brundo Owner & Founder, Fetlework Teferi.

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