This Brain Makes Waves

brainMens Amplio is a 15 foot tall model of a human head and brain, designed by Don Cain and built by a team of artists from a wide range of disciplines. The brain incorporates an array of light and flame effects controlled by a participant through the use of an EEG headset. The headset translates the participant’s shifting mental and emotional state into patterns of light and fire mimicking the images of clinical brain scans in real time. The MA crew brings together expertise in brain imaging and neural interfaces, LED and flame effects, and metal fabrication to create a sculpture that bridges the worlds of art and science.brain waves

After their much anticipated opening at Burning Man, the DSC showed for Yahoo, and now are offering to bring Mens Amplio to Bay Area schools to inspire our youth with the power of their own minds. Stay tuned for information about the upcoming Educators Preview to be hostessed at American Steel Studios.  In the mean time, take a sneak peak at what could be happening to inspire your child’s school and check out the Brain in Action!